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Located at 10222 W Military Dr.

Walk ins welcome for self service or a la carte services.

W-Y-O-D ( Wash your own Dog!)

Use our facility to wash your own Dog! High quality tubs, Dryers, Shampoo, Ear cleaner and towels included!

Or make an appointment online and bring your pup to a loving and gentle groomer to pamper your pet to a spaw day!

Request your appointment online or call/text us at


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Spaw services

Grooming Package

Our groomers are ready to pamper your pet and make them look and feel their best!

Whats included:

-Bath with shampoo and condition

-Blow dry or kennel drying

-Brush out

-Ear cleaning and nail clipping

-Haircut (For haircut package ONLY)

-Fragrance & Bandana


Check out these upgrades to add to your pets SPAW Day!

-Nail Grind

-Upgraded Shampoo

-Shed Less Treatment

-Teeth brushing

-Anal gland expression (Externally)

-Nail Polish

-Paw Balm

-Blue berry Facial

Featured product

Wet Away

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$40.00 USD
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NéVetica’s Wet-A-Way absorbs fresh liquid stains from flooring with a unique, fast-acting powder. No need to pull out old mops or blot with towels and rags. Simply pour Wet-A-Way on your mess and in 60 seconds or less, it’ll turn the liquid to solid. Easy to dispose of and safe to be used around children and pets when used as directed.

Size Small: 16 oz SOLD OUT

Size Large: 24 oz

Product Benefits:

  • Absorbs all water-based liquid spills.
  • Eliminates urine stains.
  • Convenient to use.
  • Biodegradable and easy to dispose of.
  • Can be used on hard surfaces and carpet.